Putty Peeps


The amazing putty that is a solid and liquid with no mess!

When the putty is played and heated from the warmth of your hands, it will act as a solid and can be stretched, shaped, squished, snapped and bounced. When the putty is left to rest it will immediately begin to take on a liquid like form and will seem to just melt. If left long enough, the putty will form a similar appearance to that of a puddle however; the putty will not be wet. The putty can then be picked up and play with all over again.

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In addition Putty Peeps adds extra play value with it’s high quality realistic eyes. Children can insert the eyes into the putty to make their creations come to life. Kids can create countless Putty Peep friends by shaping and twisting the putty in their own unique ways, strengthening the child’s imagination and creativity. Once the Putty Peep friend is left to rest it will magically begin to melt and a new creation can be made.

Putty Peeps will never dry out or lose its solid/liquid properties. If the putty becomes dirty it can be washed with warm water and dish detergent. If a Putty Peep friend is left to melt on the carpet no worries just peel it off, give the putty a quick wash and you are all ready to go. It truly is an amazing no mess putty!

Additional information

Weight .080 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 2.5 cm

Metallic Blue, Metallic Red (Sold Out), Metallic Green (Sold Out), Metallic Purple (Sold Out), Metallic Silver (Sold Out)

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